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LionHeart's: Wicked Spring DVD
     Kevin Hershberger and LionHeart's first full-length motion picture, shot in 2000 and released on DVD in 2003. Starring Brian Merrick and DJ Perry as Confederate and Union soldiers caught up and lost in the battle of the Wilderness in 1864. Based on an original story and screenplay - intense combat scenes, and a raw, emotional ending. As a bonus, the DVD contains trailers and a commentary track by Hershberger and Historian John D. Pagano.

     The backdrop is the American Civil War's Battle of the Wilderness. The film unfolds like a canvas before your eyes. Shot on location throughout Virginia it gives the viewer a perfect feel for the times in which the story takes place. Six soldiers, a terrible battle, friends, enemies, and waiting love are all in this story. The acting is strong. Brian Merrick as Confederate Harrison Bolding and DJ Perry as Yank John Sunderlin really play well off of one and other. A good part of the story takes place at night when color and affinities are blurred. There is a good lesson here about war and humanity.