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In This Life
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In This Life - A Civil War Short Film

     Through constant letters from the battlefield, Henry Caper (Sean Walters) promises that no matter what, war will not keep him from returning home to his wife (Becky Mix). With only days left in his enlistment, one final skirmish gives Harry the opportunity to uphold his word. The long journey has now begun as one man proves that a soldier’s heart and word never dies.

     With thrilling battle scenes and original music, In This Life was filmed on location at Historic Sandusky and surrounding Lynchburg areas. Originally created as a senior class project, In This Life has received much recognition by many Lynchburg historians along with an award from the Randolph-Macon SuCa film festival. Writer/Director/Producer Ryan Mix proves that you don’t need big budgets to create quality productions or to tell a touching story.

"Ryan Mix has created a wonderful little literary film with "In This Life."
The emotion, pacing, music, and acting are first rate. We use this video
for school groups and tour groups."
     Gregory H. Starbuck, Executive Director Historic Sandusky Foundation

Special Features include:
Includes Photo Gallery and Alternate Version

Running Time: 11 mins