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View TrailerInecom: Civil War Life: Shot to Pieces
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Civil War Life - Shot to Pieces DVD

     Harvard student William F. Bartlett stretches the bounds of human resilience in ""Shot to Pieces."" His determination to triumph in battle is legendary. Hit again and again by Confederate rifle and cannon fire, Bartlett resolutely returns to battle despite myriad injuries. Even after losing his leg from the knee down, this brave soldier leads his troops with an untiring spirit.

     Returning to battle and later captured at the Battle of the Crater, he survives starvation and disease in prison to return to his home. Bartlett is later honored by both the North and South for his devotion to duty.

""Extremely well done."" - Ed Hulse, ""Video Business""

""A remarkable story about a soldier in the midst of battle whose determination is an inspiration to all. Highly recommended."" - Susan Clayton, ""Library Journal""

""This is the film to watch for an authentic telling of the war that immerses you into the smoke, gunfire and war that had to divide America so we could become one."" - Eve Contreras, ""Los Angeles Film Magazine"""