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Civil War Life - Left for Dead DVD

     Pain, destruction and suffering cannot conquer the infallible war hero Oscar Jackson in ""Left for Dead."" He lives through injuries that would overcome most men. A natural leader, Jackson abandons his studies of law to recruit his own company of Ohio soldiers, who then serve with the Ohio Brigade.

     Consumed by the Union's cause, Jackson fights in some of the deadliest battles of the Civil War, including the Battle of Corinth where he is blasted in the face with a musket ball. Thought to be mortally wounded, the captain is ""Left for Dead."" The invincible Jackson not only survives -- he continues to lead his company until the end of the war, despite the lingering effects of the bullet still lodged in his head. Jackson thrives both on and off of the battlefield, later becoming a U.S. Congressman.

Special Features include:
""The Making of Left for Dead,"" a 25-minute documentary featuring interviews with Writers Michael Kraus and David M. Neville, behind the scenes footage, outtakes and storyboard featurette with commentary by Director and Storyboard Artist Mark Bussler.

""A Compelling Story."" - Brenda Wilt, ""Civil War Times Illustrated""

""Intriguing camera angles, period music and high quality sound effects and maps heighten the drama as seen through the eyes of dedicated soldiers who marched, fought and died under the Union flag."" -Carol Holzberg, ""Booklist"""