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View TrailerInecom: Civil War Minutes: Horses of Gettysburg
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Horses of Gettysburg - CIVIL WAR MINUTES® IV 2 DVD Box Set &
Horses of Gettysburg - CIVIL WAR MINUTES® IV Public Television Edition DVD
     Humans have relied on horses since the dawn of time, but there is no stronger bond than between a horse and rider on the battlefield.

     Narrated by Ronald F. Maxwell, director of the epic films "Gettysburg" and "Gods and Generals," "Horses of Gettysburg" captures the relationship between soldiers and their horses.

     Filmed in high-definition with charging horses, battlefield panoramas and no "talking heads," this cinematic documentary tells the story of the estimated 72,000 horses and mules that fought at the Battle of Gettysburg and uncovers the strategies employed to ensure that the millions of animals in service with the North and South remained healthy and well-trained for action.

     "Horses of Gettysburg" celebrates the forgotten heroes of the Civil War and their critical role in shaping the United States of America that we live in today.

"The quality of this set is excellent. Highly recommended." - Patsy E. Gray, "Library Journal"

"Ronald Maxwell provides a mesmerizing narration." - Dwain Thomas, "School Library Journal"

"A wealth of archival materials, including photographs, paintings and military memoirs." - J. Carlson, "Video Librarian"

"Offers a unique perspective on this important Civil War battle." - Candace Smith, "Booklist"