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CIVIL WAR MINUTES®: Confederate 2 DVD Box Set & The Best of CIVIL WAR MINUTES®: Confederate DVD

     Though people often remember the generals and commanders from a major war, its outcome also depends largely on the nameless soldiers in the front lines. Illuminating little known history, "CIVIL WAR MINUTES® - Confederate" 2 DVD Box Set features rarely told stories of both the famous and average Confederate soldiers in the Civil War. This film reveals the intimate details of the soldiers' lives in their own words, such as their weapons of choice, their uniforms and how soldiers formed fellowships during the war that lasted throughout their lives.

     How did General Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson earn his nickname? How did both Union and Confederate soldiers wield Confederate General John Chambliss' sword? This comprehensive documentary highlights never-before-told stories of Confederate soldiers, including accounts of the Battle at Fort Sumter and a Confederate After Action Report at Gettysburg.

     Covering why few wartime photographs exist of General Robert E. Lee and an eyewitness account of J.E.B. Stuart's death, "CIVIL WAR MINUTES® - Confederate" has a wealth of facts and stories of major Confederate players in the Civil War.

"This dynamite program provides another welcome, personal glimpse into the people involved in America's darkest hours." - "Library Journal"

"The stories behind letters, photos, newspaper excerpts and other mementos are addressed and period background music adds atmosphere." - "Booklist"