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The American Civil War Tin
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The American Civil War Tin - Collector's Edition 5 DVD set
     "A house divided against itself cannot stand."

     So prophesied Abraham Lincoln, in a speech given on June 16th, 1858 - two years before his election to the Presidency would trigger the collapse of national unity. The cause - a fundamental paradox in the country's architectural plan. Built as an experiment in freedom, America remained committed to the institution of slavery, and its foundations were cracking under the strain.

     The American Civil War creates a vivid portrait of America's greatest internal crisis, from the first antislavery protest to Lee's surrender at Appomattox. Along the way, this series examines the moral, political, and strategic forces that set brother against brother for more than four years, in what is generally understood to be the first modern war.

     Created by some of the most respected poducers and historians of the genre this 5-DVD set entertains, educates and conveys a message that should remain with us all. With the help of several thousand living history re-enactors, The American Civil War goes beyond the fog of war and allows you to experience the glory and heartache of the battles that changed war forever.

Special Features include:

DVD 1 - Episodes: "Our Peculiar Institution" & "Rally Around the Flag"

DVD 2 - Episodes: "Scott's Plan" & "Facing Both Ways"

DVD 3 - Episodes: "We Are Coming Father Abraham" & "Lee's Masterpiece"

DVD 4 - Episodes: "High Water Mark" & "General Grant's War"

DVD 5 - Episodes: "The Butcher's Bill" & "Jubilation"

FULL SCREEN | Rated G | Running Time: (Over 8 hours)