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Gettysburg Interviews
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Gettysburg Interviews
     Following its theatrical release, "Gettysburg," aired before the largest audience for a dramatic program in the history of cable-TV. 38,000,000 viewers, and continues as a best seller in the video market. In these candid, revealing sessions, Ron discusses not only the history of the film project, but subjects ranging from anecdotes on the set to the far reaching impact of Hollywood's casual treatment of history, the cultural implications about "getting it right," about the quest for truth and the vital importance of telling a people's epic stories. Of the cinematic interpretation of history he says, "While it's true it isn't brain surgery, it IS soul surgery, and the life of an entire culture and a people are at stake."

     These talks will appeal not just to the Civil War enthusiast, to the fans of the movie "Gettysburg," or to students of film, but to anyone who shares a belief that a country that ceases to tell its epic stories will cease to know itself, to anyone who understands that a people who lose their vital connection and attachment to the past is in danger of losing its identity, self-assurance and purposefulness as it faces the perils and challenges of an unknowable future.